Progress: Leadership in Housing

Mobysoft, a market leader in bespoke data and information solutions for social landlords, requested that Frontier PR develop a mechanism to encourage intelligent and ongoing dialogue with the sector's leaders.

Mobysoft's Managing Director Derek Steele, speaking at a Progress event

In response Frontier PR created Progress: Leadership in Housing. Progress is a leadership forum, hosted by Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and sponsored by Mobysoft.

Frontier PR developed the concept from beginning to end – delivering a brand identity, working collaboratively with host RSLs on event management and undertaking the promotion and invite process.

Activity also included social media, media relations and post event whitepaper writing.

The benefits can best be summed up by Mobysoft’s Managing Director, Derek Steele: "Progress has been a big success for everyone involved. All the events exceeded expectation, both in terms of numbers of attendees and the new business opportunities generated.

"Progress has also been incredibly well received by the attending delegates who provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.

"Progress hit the right note at the right time, meshing perfectly with Mobysoft’s ‘housing intelligence’ ethos and allowing everyone involved to benefit. Frontier PR grasped from the outset that Progress could not be a ‘hard sell’, rather an opportunity for Mobysoft to facilitate high-level discussion and debate – an opportunity for leaders to learn from leaders."

In 2013 Frontier PR and Progress was awarded a PR Moment Golden Hedgehog Award for Best B2B Campaign.