Find out what our clients say about us...

Sally Battye, Head of Marketing and Communications, City West Housing Trust  

"Frontier Public Relations is a valuable addition to City West’s PR team, providing consistent and regular support, as well as helping to plug any gaps at peak times and holidays, even coming in to work within the team.  

"They are fantastic to work with - professional, creative and most of all they have an excellent understanding of the social housing sector."

Derek Steele, Managing Director, Mobysoft

"Frontier PR has effectively communicated Mobysoft’s advanced business intelligence solutions through using the voices of our customers via the media, video, case studies and events."

Casey Cole, Managing Director, Guru Systems

"Frontier  PR has been a fantastic partner and helped Guru Systems to greatly increase our visibility in target markets. Unlike some other PR agencies, the Frontier PR team adopted a very structured approach, working within agreed timelines and measuring performance against KPIs.

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in housing and sustainability."

Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO, Pavegen

"Frontier PR worked hard to maximise Pavegen’s media profile, and the results were very impressive. 

"The national and international print, broadcast and digital coverage they generated exposed Pavegen to well over 50 million views worldwide – including the likes of the BBC, USA Today, Die Welt, ThomsonReuters, The Guardian and The Telegraph."

James Allan, Marketing and Communications Manager, Salix Homes 

"As an agency Frontier PR have proven to be responsive and flexible in their approach – responding to the varied needs of our communications team with timely professionalism."

Mike Aspinall, Chairman, Think Ahead 

"The publicity generated by Frontier PR played a huge role in revolutionising the profile of Think Ahead.  It took us from near obscurity to being a well recognised and respected ‘brand’ within the community."

Emma Hodkinson, Marketing Co-ordinator at Seddon

"Frontier PR has taken Seddon to the next level, we are now regularly referred to as a leading contractor in the trade press, rather than a North West based builder – a dramatic shift from where we were six months ago., commenting on every apprenticeship news story, including labour and conservative apprenticeship plans in the run up to the election. 

"The main publications we want to target are now aware of our heritage and expertise in apprenticeship training, and they are coming to us directly to comment on the breaking news stories of the day."