Guru Systems

With UK energy prices continuing to rise, it is often those with the least that feel the disproportionate impact of heating their homes.  

As a result, many social landlords are considering entering the market as energy suppliers, offering lower cost heat to their tenants.

Along with the challenge of the delivery of this new service comes the difficulty of ensuring that landlords and tenants can accurately measure the energy generated, distributed and consumed.

Guru Systems is a market leader in intelligent district heat and energy monitoring for both social and private landlords. The company’s Managing Director, Casey Cole, came to Frontier PR with a clear brief: to communicate to landlords that smart, real-time district heat monitoring and metering is not only possible, but readily available.

To communicate this message Frontier PR embarked on a targeted media relations campaign focusing on the social housing, energy and sustainability trade press.

In particular we focused on Guru’s relationship with a key customer, Octavia Housing, which piloted Guru’s technology at its flagship Elizabeth House development in Wembley, North London.

Frontier PR worked closely with Octavia to understand the value of Guru’s solutions to both the organisation and its customers, and ensured that all sides benefited from media.

Media converge was then secured through news, features and comment on topical issues such as fuel poverty and the challenges facing social housing providers entering the market as energy suppliers.

Guru’s Managing Director Casey Cole said: “Frontier PR has been a fantastic partner and helped Guru Systems to greatly increase our visibility in target markets. Unlike some other PR agencies, the Frontier PR team adopted a very structured approach, working within agreed timelines and measuring performance against KPIs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in housing and sustainability.”