Whitepapers and Report Writing

Sometimes the level of technical detail involved in a subject requires a lengthier explanation.                               

In this situation a formal whitepaper or report can be a valuable communications tool.

Commercial whitepapers (derived from the lengthier government reports) are usually around 10 pages in length, and are designed to present a credible, evidence based view of a certain solution, product, or initiative.

The key is to present as impartial a perspective as possible – grounding claims in evidence based on fact or testimony from highly credible expert third party partners or sources.

At the end, the whitepaper should draw on the evidence and present a set of conclusions.

Frontier PR has produced whitepapers for a variety of clients – with target markets ranging from energy to social housing.

Frontier PR will manage the entire process – gathering and writing copy, developing style and layout and coordinating an often multi-party sign off process.