Beanbag Care: Webinars

How Frontier PR took a series of events online, and made the webinars the centre of an integrated marketing communications campaign.

The lives of older people are set to change dramatically over the coming years, as intuitive and connected technologies allow more people to live safe and independent lives in their own homes for longer.

Secure, a multinational developer of smart property technology (with over eight million connected metering and control devices in UK homes), launched Beanbag Care in 2019, a suite of web enabled independent living solutions.

Beanbag Care includes advanced, non-wearable fall detection, the identification of potential problems through monitoring and interpreting of behaviour change, and real time updates on the frequency and quality of home care.

Secure’s initial public relations priority were to foster meaningful conversations with organisations and individuals commissioning home care, including local authorities, social landlords, and care providers.

Innovation in Independent Living

To achieve this, in 2019, Frontier PR organised Innovation in Independent Living, a series of knowledge sharing seminars hosted by housing associations and councils.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic created some obvious practical challenges, but also a unique opportunity for those working in home care innovation.

Traditional ‘live’ events were clearly a no-go for the foreseeable, but with millions of older a vulnerable people shielding at home, there was a chance to learn how care providers had used technology to maintain safe home care, and if the crisis had actually accelerated innovation as a result.  

Webinars – live the brand   

Frontier PR advised that by converting Innovation in Independent Living into webinars, Secure could better represent the essence of Beanbag Care’s ambitions, and capture the spirit of what the care industry was actually living at the time.

An initial series of three webinars was agreed, each with a slightly different outlook. One focused on Wales, another on local authorities, while a third aimed to share good practice between social landlords

Using its extensive market knowledge and contacts, Frontier PR secured a key note speakers for each event, and then set about promotion through a combination of LinkedIn research, telemarketing, and pay-per-click advertising.

Frontier PR also used the webinars as a hook for creating digital content, such as blogs, and securing media profile in key publications such as Home Care Insight, Wales Business Online and Scottish Housing News

The benefits

The webinars, (all hosted on Zoom), were condensed to as close to an hour as possible, with Secure’s Nigel Ebdon presenting Beanbag Care in the middle presentation slot. 

The three webinars drew a total audience of 100+ viewers, with ten keynote presentations delivered in all.
Delegate feedback positive, with all viewers gaining useful insight. 

Secure gained helpful market intelligence and valuable sales leads - and there were also broader benefits for the company, as the Beanbag Care sales team were able to use the webinars as a presentation training exercise.

Post Webinars Home Care Insight produced a number of news items on event content – and Housing Digital ran a blog from Nigel Ebdon focused covering issues related to social housing.

Moving forward, Secure will continue to deliver webinars as part of their strategy for Beanbag Care, with a focus on home care innovation in city regions such as Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

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