A housing association in the North East has become the latest client for customer service solution provider, Omfax Systems.

Your Homes Newcastle has opted to implement Keyfax InterView Repairs Diagnostic and Keyfax Repairs Online, which are designed to increase efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction by improving the accuracy and consistency of repairs ordering and offer tenants the choice of self-service.

At the same time, a neighbouring housing association is extending its existing relationship with Omfax.  South Tyneside Homes has now procured Omfax’s ContactView product in order to manage customer service contacts.  South Tyneside has been using Keyfax InterView  Repairs Diagnostic since November 2006 and is also currently extending their use of Keyfax InterView to include Housing Enquiries, as well implementing Keyfax Repairs OnLine.

A specialist provider to the social housing sector, Omfax Systems works in both the UK and mainland Europe to deliver contact centre and online solutions that enable housing associations to deliver efficient enquiry handling and diagnosis services at first point of contact.

Omfax’s products are designed to reduce costs while improving the overall customer experience.  Typical benefits associated with the implementation of Keyfax InterView include:
-    Reductions in average call handling time
-    Improved accuracy of initial repairs diagnosis
-    Increase in the number of interactions resolved at first point of contact
-    Choice of self-service for tenants to provide repair ordering with confidence

Omfax Managing Director, Peter Graddon said: "We have more than seventy clients  across the UK and Europe and interest in our products is growing as housing associations seek to find more efficient ways of working in the face of increasing financial pressure.

While it’s easy to cut costs by stopping doing certain things, smart organisations are investing in solutions that enable them to balance cost reduction with maintaining, or in some cases, improving, customer satisfaction.  With the right tools, cost reduction and high quality customer experience can go hand in hand.”

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