ScreenSafe laboratory launches “Oral Fluid” at Hexagon Tower

Drug testing specialists unveil new service at Manchester Science Park

ScreenSafe, the UK’s established experts in the provision of legally defendable drug and alcohol testing and ancillary services, have introduced a new oral fluid testing service at their laboratory in Hexagon Tower, Blackley; a north Manchester based BEST Network Science Park.

The new laboratory service will combine the company’s leading expertise in drug and alcohol testing with state of the art technology to increase the reliability of testing oral fluid.

Included in the expansion is a new sampling device with a unique fluid indicator that allows for more efficient testing. The samples will then be analysed for a wide variety of substances, including opiates, methadone, cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis. The samples are analysed at ScreenSafe’s laboratory in Hexagon Tower, with results delivered within 24 working hours, making the procedure efficient and cost effective.

ScreenSafe, headquarters in Stafford, are the UK leaders in Drug and Alcohol testing, with over 100 years of industry experience in the senior management team alone. ScreenSafe also provide a number of specialist ancillary services including training, education, policy, testing, counselling, blood testing and DNA profiling.

The launch of ScreenSafe’s Oral Fluid laboratory at Hexagon Tower follows the recent expansion of corporate partner Trimega’s £1 million extension of their laboratory at the science park.

Matthew Taylor, Managing Director of ScreenSafe, says: “We are delighted to be introducing our new oral fluid testing service. It combines some of the most experienced talent in this sector with the best of everything the industry offers today in terms of technology and customer service.

“We are proud to launch this new product at our laboratory at Hexagon Tower, further expanding our capabilities and allowing us to remain the UK’s leading drug testing service providers.”

Hexagon Tower is a specialist biotech and chemical research facility in Manchester. A former ICI research, development and production centre, the facility has fostered innovative companies such as Trimega since the Victorian period. With connections to prominent academic and scientific research hubs throughout the North West, the facility recently became part of Business Environments for Science and Technology (BEST) Network –the largest network of science parks in the UK.

ScreenSafe’s launch of its new laboratory is an example of what Hexagon Tower can do for its tenants: by allowing them to expand organically, tenants are assured that they do not need to grow too quickly or be forced to move premises. The science park also features technical engineering and laboratory support for any specialist equipment that is required.

Stewart Needham, Facilities Manager at Hexagon Tower, said: “We are very happy that ScreenSafe have chosen to launch their new Oral Fluid testing laboratory at Hexagon Tower and we look forward to other specialist science and technology companies growing organically with us.”

“It is important to allow specialist science firms such as ScreenSafe to innovate progressively on their own terms while providing them with the specialist support that they require. This is what we aim to do at Hexagon Tower, and have been very successful with other companies, such as ScreenSafe’s corporate partner Trimega.”

Stewart adds: “Hexagon Tower’s recent adoption into BEST Network will further our tenants’ success, as they can learn how to evolve and good practises from other companies across the UK. We hope that with through BEST Network, we can attract further investment that can help more innovative companies like ScreenSafe to grow.”

The Business Environments for Science and Technology (BEST) Network is the largest nation-wide portfolio of science parks in the UK. Assembled and managed by LaSalle Investment Management, BEST Network includes both well-established science and technology parks, as well as those undergoing investment to attract high technology activities.

The network aims to build its national and worldwide reputation, ensuring recognition from international science-based companies and academic institutions.