Findings of housing forum ‘Progress Greenwich 2010’ published

At a time when Social housing reform continues to make the headlines, ‘Progress – Leadership in Housing’, a series of forum style events aimed at housing’s leaders and sponsored by housing intelligence provider Mobysoft, has published a Whitepaper titled ‘Making Sense of the Comprehensive Review (CSR)’.

The highly successful Progress Greenwich 2010, held at the Naval College at the University of Greenwich in late 2010, was hosted by leading South East social housing provider Moat, and was attended by over 20 senior executives from the region’s social housing organisations. The Whitepaper reviews the findings of keynote speaker Gerri Scott, Moat’s then Executive Director of Housing and Customer Services.

Gerri examined all of the key aspects affecting housing outlined in the CSR, including tenure reform, maximum weekly rents, limiting housing benefit by property size, and discretionary housing benefit. Particular attention was paid to how the blanket approach to changes will mean that the South East, with its higher rents, will be disproportionately affected, and what the impact will be on the region’s social housing providers and tenants.

The next Progress event has been announced as ‘Progress North West 2011’, the first of the events to be held in the region, and will be hosted by leading North West social housing provider Trafford Housing Trust, in Sale, Greater Manchester.

Following the theme of the Greenwich event, Progress North West will examine the theme ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’. Trafford’s Chief Executive and keynote speaker Matthew Gardiner, believes that social housing has now had a chance to digest the challenges laid out in the CSR, and it’s now time for housing providers to consider how they can be leaders in greater innovation, efficiency, collaboration and good practice.

David Montague, Chief Executive of L&Q and Progress Greenwich panel member, said: “We have just entered a new era for housing. Our future depends on the strength of our local relationships, and Progress 2010 was a fantastic opportunity to build on that strength. Gerri Scott’s presentation and subsequent Whitepaper gives a very thorough insight into the potential impact of CSR on housing, in particular those issues relevant to the South East.

“I look forward to seeing the findings of future Progress events and the insight they provide on social housing’s most important issues.”

To download the full Whitepaper and to find out more information on the events please visit, and follow the links to Progress Greenwich.