Trafford save time and increase revenue with Mobysoft

Innovative social housing provider Trafford Housing Trust has announced a 20% efficiency boost to their Money Support Team since implementing housing intelligence software designed by Mobysoft.  This figure accompanies news that the last 12 months have been the best ever for rent collection at Trafford, with £400,000 extra rent collected in the last year.

Mobysoft worked hand in hand with Trafford to enhance their arrears reporting system; achieving increased accuracy, greater automation, the prioritisation of higher risk tenants, and detailed profiling information.  It is through this collaborative work that Trafford’s Money Support Team are now saving a full day of time per-person per-week, which has led to more direct revenue collection.

The trustworthy, bespoke and prioritised by risk list of tenants in genuine arrears that Mobysoft’s software produces, means that Money Support Team members are able to concentrate on the most pressing cases.

Sharon White, Social Inclusion Manager at Trafford said: “We knew the old system was inefficient and that the team spent as much time trawling through accounts as they did chasing genuine arrears.  We needed to find a new, smarter approach.”

Sharon continues: “Since we began working with Mobysoft not only are the money support officers now more efficient, but they’re happier as they can see results – a decrease in rent arrears.”

Matthew Gardiner, CEO of Trafford Housing Trust, said: “I’m delighted for the money support team, they have displayed real industry leadership in developing this solution with Mobysoft, who have become a valued business partner of Trafford Housing Trust.”

Matthew continues: “This has been Trafford’s best ever year for rent collection, amounting to an increase of £400k compared to last year’s figures, thanks to diligent work from our money support officers who have had their work streamlined by Mobysoft’s solutions.”

Derek Steele, Managing Director of Mobysoft said: “We’re delighted to hear of Trafford Housing Trust’s impressive rent collection figures for this year, along with the improved efficiency of their money support team.”

Derek concludes: “These statistics are particularly heartening at a time when social housing providers face changes and challenges to the way they operate. Our goal is to help social landlords improve efficiency in their businesses when they need it most.”