David Innes-Edwards

Founder and Frontier PR's MD, I’m one of the agency’s strategic thinkers with a knack of turning a vision into a reality.

Managing Director

I founded Frontier Public Relations in 2007 after seven years of working for PR consultancies and the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.

I’m that annoying friend you have who genuinely relishes Monday, and taking the leap to start Frontier PR is one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. Every day should be rewarding – however challenging. If it’s not – change it!

 But life is far too short to be a workaholic, there’s too many other great experiences to have. I love sport, and I’m a Manchester United season ticket holder along with my father (and good pal) William.

 I also started surfing ten years ago and you’ll often find me floundering off the coast of my beloved home Anglesey. I’m also big into music - Ryan Adams to the Beastie Boys and most things in-between!

My ambition is for Frontier PR to beat the forefront of the smart city revolution – a movement that sees traditional construction, urban and property management converge with connected digital solutions.

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