Our Values

We’re experts in our markets

Our customers choose us as much for our market specialism as our ability as professional communicators. Unless we’re experts in our core markets then we can’t meet our clients as equals and deliver Frontier PR’s brand of knowledge based PR.

We’re brave enough to try something new and different

In today’s crowded and competitive market our customers need us to be open minded and ambitious in our approach to our work. By being brave and seeking to operate out of our comfort zones we can add-value and exceed expectations.

We’re activists

A plan without action is just a plan - nothing changes unless we act. We always ask ‘what’s next’?

We’re reliable, honest and responsible

We do what we say were going to do, so if we make a commitment we stick to it, delivering high quality work on time. We are also confident enough to challenge unrealistic or incorrect assumptions and expectations.

We support each other to succeed

We all possess different strengths, so working as a team and sharing knowledge and information will make us more effective and valuable as a company. When we succeed we succeed together. One team. One goal. 2020.

We communicate to change

We’re working together to deliver change. We’re strategic and clear in our thinking, and to know if change is taking place as a result of our actions we need to set goals, measure and evaluate effectiveness. If change is not occurring we change our approach.