Manchester firm paves the way for revolutionary drugs testing

Ground-breaking anti-cancer drugs and other cutting-edge next generation pharmaceutical products are set to be analysed at a Manchester laboratory as testing firm Intertek invests in new technology.

Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, has unveiled its nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscope machine, which is now installed in Hexagon Tower, Blackley, north Manchester. Everything from shampoo to the latest anti-cancer drugs come from across the world to be analysed by Intertek’s product testing service. 

Intertek is the first company in the world to make the technology available to the commercial market in order to test drugs, allowing smaller pharmaceutical companies the chance to access the very latest testing equipment.

Pharmaceuticals tested by the company’s highly trained staff are in the development phases, with the new machine providing valuable data allowing companies to bring new drugs to the market.

The nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy works by isolating individual aspects of the drug to highlight impurities, ensure stability and calculate the shelf life of pharmaceutical products.

Chetan Parmar, Senior Vice President of Intertek Life Sciences, said: “Assessment of pharmaceutical product’s stability is an important aspect of the development process. With our equipment, skills and expertise we can support our clients in the development of these complex products.”

The international firm has offices across the UK, with its Manchester base at Hexagon Tower specialising in product testing. 

Chris Mitchell, Associate Director at La Salle Investment Management, which manages the science park, said: “The investment in new, world leading machinery at Hexagon Tower demonstrates that the science industry is flourishing in Manchester.

“Intertek is world-renowned for its testing facilities and this new investment will help put Intertek and the facility on the map for pharmaceutical testing.”

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