Life-saving first aid skills offered to young people in SalfordChildren in Swinton learn how to save lives with Dan Thompson from the Millie’s Trust charity.

 City West Housing Trust is helping young customers and their parents to develop and boost their first aid knowledge, learning life-saving skills.

The housing association, which owns and manages 14,600 homes in Salford, has teamed up with charity Millie’s Trust to deliver free first aid training sessions to customers living in the Swinton area of Salford.

Under the supervision of trained experts, 28 children aged eight to sixteen joined their parents for two training sessions at Wardley Community Centre in Swinton, to learn vital first aid techniques, including how to attend to burns and cuts, react to choking and perform life-saving CPR. Understanding what to do when faced with these situations could help to save a life.

Martyn Hague, Head of Communities and Neighbourhoods at City West, said: “First aid training is an absolute must for everyone, regardless of your age and it’s fantastic that through partnering with Millie’s Trust we are able to offer our customers and their children an opportunity to learn first aid skills that could potentially save lives.”

Millie’s Trust was established by Joanne and Dan Thompson following the loss of their daughter Millie after a choking incident at nursery in October 2012. The charity, set up in Millie’s memory, aims to provide as many people as possible with access to first aid training.

Joanne Thompson at Millie’s Trust said: “"Millie's Trust is truly impressed that organisations such as City West are choosing to teach their residents a potential life saving skill.

“Many children nowadays have a lot of freedom in their lives and should know how to deal with an emergency situation if it involves their friends or their family. It is encouraging for us to see so many children wanting to attend first aid training and actually enjoying it.”

If you would like to find out more about Millie’s Trust and the first aid training the charity delivers visit the Millie's Trust website.