Best and Worst Advice campaign launched in


Wigan and Leigh CAB’s Chief Officer Lisa Kidston, with WAND’s Project Development Manager Julia Jenkinson, Project Manager Rob Ramwell and Training and Development Officer Ben Banks are calling for people from the Wigan Borough to share their best and worst advice.

-WAND highlights importance as it asks Wiganers for their best and worst advice

The Wigan Advice Network Development (WAND) project has launched a new campaign to highlight the importance of advice.

The Best and Worst Advice campaign is designed to get Wiganers thinking about how receiving good and bad advice affects their lives.

WAND, which is developing a network of information and advice services across the Wigan Borough, is asking the public to explain how advice has changed their lives by submitting videos of themselves or posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Rob Ramwell, Project Manager at WAND, said: “Whether you know it or not, receiving good and bad advice plays a central role in all our lives – from what you should eat to where to go when you face a crisis.

“We want to highlight why it is important that people are able to find the right advice, so we’re asking everyone to share what advice they’ve been offered, highlighting the impact it had on their lives.”

The campaign is set to run from June to September, with the project’s team hitting streets across the Wigan Borough to ask people for their advice stories. The best anecdotes will be showcased on WAND’s social media channels.

WAND will also be joining local charities and its members at the Wigan Community Day on Saturday, 11 July, 2015 from 8am to 4pm.

Hosted by the Rotary Club of Wigan, the day helps to promote local charities and their causes, and will see WAND advise people on where they can go to resolve any issues or gain support, and how they can help local causes by volunteering.

Rob added: “Wigan Community Day provides a valuable opportunity for local charitable organisations and community groups to highlight how they can help people - and it is also a great platform for WAND to showcase its initiatives.

 “Since launching in 2013, we have trained hundreds of agency and charity staff and volunteers to improve the quality of advice they offer – this ensures that conversations are turned into solutions, and people are referred to the right places for the help they need.”

The Wigan Advice Network Development project is a Big Lottery funded initiative building a network of advice giving organisations and charities, whilst helping to improve the quality of advice they provide.

Charities and advice agencies from across the Wigan Borough show their support for the launch of the campaign with WAND’s Project Development Manager Julia Jenkinson (centre left) and Project Manager Rob Ramwell (centre right).The project has trained 235 advice agency and charity workers to become ‘problem noticers’, who are able to identify what support a client may need before referring them to the right service.

WAND also provides the borough’s first Advice Referral Centre, which allows agency workers and volunteers to signpost clients to support services by simply filling in an online form.

To get involved in WAND’s Best and Worst Advice campaign, please tweet your advice, and handle in @WiganAdvice or #WiganAdvice or post on WAND’s Facebook page by searching for ‘Wigan Advice Network’.