Arvia Technology selected for Prime Minister's visit

Arvia Technology were one of only five companies selected to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron on a recent trip to Daresbury

Science and Innovation Campus (SIC), home to 100 hi-tech businesses.

Arvia’s CEO Martin Keighley gave Mr Cameron a full demonstration of their award-winning water treatment technology, proven to successfully treat organic contaminants in a wide range of markets, including groundwater remediation and agri-chemicals.

The Prime Minister was visiting Daresbury to announce the success of the recent ‘SCI-TECH’ bid, which promises to reinvest business rates to the campus to deliver new specialist office, laboratory and technical space, with the potential to create as many as 10,000 skilled jobs and leverage more than £150m in private sector investment.

The Daresbury campus, Arvia’s headquarters since mid-2011, hosts a number of high-tech businesses and world-renowned laboratory facilities, providing Arvia with the perfect platform for rapid growth and development.

Martin Keighley, CEO of Arvia said: “It was a great privilege to be able to demonstrate Arvia’s technology to the Prime Minister; he seemed particularly impressed by the success of our recent collaboration with Magnox Ltd in the Nuclear Decommissioning sector.”

Martin continued: “In our short time at Daresbury, we have already benefitted from the unique opportunities for collaboration and networking with other growing SMEs. The combination of high quality offices and well-equipped laboratories is invaluable as we aim for significant growth and continued research and development.”

Arvia have continued to burgeon since arriving at their new home, expanding their research and development team by 50% in the space of three weeks.

Arvia Technology recently completed a successful crossover project treating radioactive oil, for which no practical management solution previously existed (read more here).