What's the Big Idea?

Why not give Frontier PR and hour and find out?

Although an evolving lockdown has liberated many of us from our commute and the daily hum-drum of the office, it has also distanced us from the joy of spontaneous collaborative thinking and familiar creative processes.

Remember the great ideas we’d have over a coffee or after work drink? So as we come to terms with indefinite home working, we must also embrace new ways of seeking inspiration and finding new, great ideas.

In recognition of this, Frontier PR has created a no-questions asked sixty minute Zoom idea generator.

All we ask is that is that you consider a short brief in advance to help organise your thoughts, then log-in to an hour long meeting and enjoy the rise.

The best qualified member of the Frontier PR team will do all the hard work, and at the end give you some free-fresh thinking.

What you do with your idea is entirely up to you.

Frontier PR Managing Director David Innes-Edwards explains: “At Frontier PR we’ve always loved the challenge of taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture and coming up with a great idea to order – ideas that will improve your marketing and communications.

“So, because we can’t have those valuable moments of inspiration in meetings, at events or even over a coffee, Frontier PR will now bring big new PR ideas to you.

“It could be about simplifying your message around a single major issue, identifying a trend or theme that can take your communications to the next level, or changing channels or tactics - whatever the thinking, we’ll give you our hones opinion.

Frontier PR specialises in housing, the built environment and smarter more sustainable cities.

To book your PR ideas audit email david@frontierpr.co.uk or call 07939 137 098.

Frontier PR what's the big idea