What's been the impact of 2020 on housing comms?

From constant crisis management to the new normal, what’s happened in housing PR?

None need reminding that 2020 has redrawn the ‘annus-horribilis’ rule book, and although there’s light at the end of the tunnel, social landlords must still make the protection of staff and customers a priority.

But what has been the implication of the pandemic on housing communications? And looking ahead to 2021, how has the crisis changed the PR function? For example, how much PR bandwidth has Covid occupied?

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt acutely by housing PR and communications teams, who had to rapidly comprehend and respond to the unimaginable scale of the crisis, communicating vitally important, potentially lifesaving information, both internally and externally.

Has relentless crisis communications become the new normal and relegated or even scrapped previously prioritised communications objectives?

To understand this more clearly, Frontier Public Relations is currently surveying social housing communications professionals, with a view to sharing the findings in a market intelligence report in early 2021.

Managing Director David Innes-Edwards explains: “From one communications specialist to another, we’re keen to discover what 2020 has felt like in housing.

“The sector now faces huge challenges, including implementing the recent Government Whitepaper, but how ready and able are communications teams to engage with big new challenges.

“Also, what have been the biggest operational challenges? Has working from home made it harder to be creative? Or is being out the confines of the office a liberating experience?"

A concise, online survey, available to all housing communications professionals, is available on request.

To get a survey link please email ‘Housing Comms Survey’ to david@frontierpr.co.uk or Tweet the same to @FrontierPR.

All survey respondents prior to Christmas will be entered into a prize draw to win a £75 Amazon voucher.

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