Frontier PR Welcomes Two Special Communicators

Frontier PR has announced the addition of two highly experienced and expert communicators as special associates.

Matt Greenough and Paul Beadle bring with them nearly fifty years of business and political communications experience, and deliver exciting new insight and knowledge to the businesses.

Both will be working exclusively for Frontier PR in areas related to housing, construction and smarter cities, whilst developing their own communications ventures in other, non-related markets.

Frontier PR Managing Director David Innes-Edwards said: “I’m personally and professionally delighted to have Paul and Matt on board with Frontier PR. As well as being at the forefront of their respective fields, they’re both people I’m proud to call friends. It going to be fun working with them.

“Paul has been blazing a trail in corporate social media for around a decade, while Matt has scaled the heights of government and electoral communications in Wales

“Overnight this has massively boosted our local, regional and national public affairs and strategic and tactical social media capability.”

David continues: “The PR agency world has turned on its head in recent years, and Covid has accelerated the trend of home working and the construction of a more flexible workforce.

“Once a campaign starts client’s just want accountability and the best and most qualified people delivering quality work, it is now the responsibility of agencies to identify and deliver talent where and when it’s needed.”

If you’d like to ramp up your PR in the New Year, Frontier PR is offering an hour of online video ideas generation. To book your ‘What’s The Big Idea?’ session, email or call 0161 306 8502.